In compliance with DBPR HR-7020- Division of Hotels and Restaurants Certificate of Balcony Inspection our company provides balcony inspections for public lodging establishments with three or more stories in height. This form is required to be filled up by a certified professional and/or trained person in all hotels, apartments complexes, multifamily buildings and/or individual units (condos).

A professional will visually inspect, concrete deck, platforms, stairways, railings, guardrails, parapets and/or areas enclosed by non-permanent building materials. In addition, the inspector will verify, screws and/or fasteners securing base or other components. Forms/reports will be released within 24 hours from day of the inspection, notes and existing deficiencies found will be placed on the report. Client must be aware that, a certificate of balcony inspection expires in three years from date and time of inspection. Also, any deficiency found and/or included in the report must be corrected/repaired by owner before performing a re-certification.