Building Type II & III mitigation verification affidavit- Buildings with 4 or more stories in height will need to have a different wind mitigation verification form. Type II (4 – 6 story) Type III (7 or more story). This form is required for either residential condominiums or commercial unit owners requesting wind mitigation credits in respective buildings. Usually, building management companies, Homeowners Associations (HOA) and/or insurance agencies can request these while trying to obtain wind credits for lowering policy premiums. The format of the affidavit is very different from form OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) Adopted by Rule 69O-170.0155 used for single family up to fourplexes and/or multifamily buildings under three levels. The actual mitigation verification form can be only signed by certified professionals such as, a Register Architect, an Engineer, Building Code Official, General contractor and/ or Building contractor.

The information provided on the form in solely for the purpose of verifying that certain structural or physical characteristics exist at the inspected building and for the purposes of permitting the Insured to receive a property insurance premium discount on insurance provide by Citizens Property Insurance corporation. Clients must be aware that affidavits can be used for other companies and/or carriers at their discretion.