Sewer camera inspection: Single home-properties built in the middle of the 1970’s and prior years were supplied with cast iron pipes. These pipes have a very bad reputation due to deterioration and related issues. Buyers and homeowners should pay careful attention to this subject because of the possible impact to a property.

These pipes corrode from the inside decreasing in diameter and/or exploding creating backups in your kitchen sinks, toilets, tubs, jacuzzies or showers. Sewer gas, odors, water lost or water stains from beneath the kitchen cabinets, bathrooms and/or foundations might be other indicators of problems with your cast iron pipes. Therefore,

Detcom Home Inspections is here for you, we’re a third-party independent company you can trust. It is important to note that (We do not hold a plumbing license, we are not plumbers looking to do a re-piping of your home) We are very objective and accurate. Our goal is to provide the most accurate information to our clients (Homeowners, Prospective Buyers, Homeowner Associations, ETC) including reports with pictures, observations, and video to help in making educated decisions about the property conditions and needs.