Located in the periodic table with atomic number #86 radon gas (Rn). Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas formed by the decay of uranium in soil and water. This gas is invisible, odorless, tasteless that seeps up through the ground, foundation, walls, crawlspace etc. It’s worth noting that radon dissolves into ground, water and air. This gas can be found just about everywhere in low levels. However, inside properties/buildings with poor ventilation and/or special airtight construction the risk of lung cancer increases. Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States second only to cigarette smoking. According to Florida’s law radon tests on facilities is mandatory, it is highly recommended to have an expert perform a radon gas test during all interactions.

When measuring radon there are different tests to consider, short term tests, long term tests, pre-post mitigation tests and diagnostic tests. The most common tests are short and long-term normally used during real estate transactions, and in facilities such as schools, etc. Short term tests will be performed from a period between 48 hours to 90 days in duration. Long term test will last longer than 90 days up to 365 days; this test is usually performed as a confirmation of the initial test.

There are two house conditions that must be taken in considerations when you’re performing a radon test, the first one is a closed building condition. This is when all windows and doors are closed during the test, or the house was closed at least 12 hours prior to the test. The second one is a normal condition used for long term tests. This includes individuals being able to live within the property and have normal everyday activities without restrictions.

Our company is pleased to provide you radon test services statewide with a turnaround result of 48 hours from the day of testing.